Q&A for New Immigrants

Q:  Can I buy property just after Landing, with out a Job or Credit History? by Nathan

A:  Yes, you can..... There are different mortgage products and programs by different banks for new immigrants and first time home buyer. I work with all top bank's mortgage agents to get your mortgage approval. Feel free to contact me and I will arrange appointment with Bank's mortgage agent to facilitate your mortgage approval. 

Q: If I have a Job and good credit history, how much downpayment I need to buy a property? by Ammar

A: If you have a job and good credit history, then you can put as low as 5% downpayment to get mortgage approval. Let me know, I can arrange your meeting with mortgage agent. 

Q: I am coming from UAE as a new immgrant, which area do you recommend? by Ahmad 

A: Hi Ahmad, mostly people from Middleeast, Pakistan and India prefere Mississauga. There are many middle eastern settlers here in Mississauga. Mostly people form Middleeast, Pakistan and India due to existing middle eastern, Indian, Pakistani community.  But it doesn't mean that they dont go to other places. Hope that will help.

Q: As per your post, how much is the wait time now a days to get a Rental Apartment in Mississauga? and Condo also? by Amarpreet

A: As of now, June 2018, its 4-5 months wait time due to high demand for Rental apartments. Condo you can rent anytime, as there are many listings available always.

Q: How much is a 1 Bed room Condo at Square one area? by Veena

A:  See the pricing estimates at  https://ziarizvi.com/rental-prices-estimates. 

Q: I am landing in October, and coming to toronto, scarbourough area,  at my relatives place, can you help me getting a rental apartment? by Arjun

A: For Rental Apartments, you can contact directly to Rental Buildings offices in scarbourough area.  

Q: Hi, got your number from my friend, I am studying at Sheridan College in Brampton and looking for a 1 room basement. Please let me know, if you have any basement available near to the college. by Adeled

A: I will confirm if there is any basement listing available in that area and let you know, but you can search on kijiji, where people post their listings privately. 

Q: HI can you help me, I am staying in Mississauga at short term Airbnb rental place with my family, need to find a rental Condo asap. Need your help. by Jingzan

A: I text you already, send me your email asap.  

Q: Me and my wife work in Oakville, and we are looking to buy a Condo, can I put 5% downpayment to buy the condo? By Ajay stephen

A: It depends upon your income profile and credit score. I text you, please confirm so that I can set up your appointment with Bank's Mortgage agent, she will evaluate your profile and let you know right away, what are your available options. Thanks  

Q: Do you think intrest rates will increase or decrease in the future by Bank of Canada? by Pal 

A: I can't say anything, but chances are it will increase, as they didnt increase it in last quarter. Let's see.

Q: We are thinking to buy a Semi-detached in Brampton area, what are the prices of Semi-detached in brampton? by Mrs Karan

A: Every house has its own price due to its feature and locations, sent me your email address and let me know when we can meet. Thanks


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