Property Renting Guide in GTA, Ontario, Canada


A complete guide for Types of Housing for Rent in Canada. 


There are 4 types of housing available for renting:

1. Condos
2. Rental Apartments
3. Houses (Townhouses, Semi Detached, Detached houses)
4. Basements

Condos or Condominiums

Condo units are owned by Private Individuals (landlords). These private individuals RENT or SELL the units. 

- Higher Rentals than Apartments but easily available
- Provide More Amenities (Parking, gyms, swimming pools, theatre, etc etc)

[For Condos, you can contact any Realtor or you can look for them through Kijiji for any private listings]

Rental Apartments

The entire Apartment building is generaly owned by one person or a company. 

You can rent the unit from that company or individual owner. They are only 

for Renting purpose (Not for selling).

- Low Rentals, Hard to find due to long waiting time for availability 
- Provides Basic Amenities (Parking and Laundry)

[For Rental Apartments, you need to contact the company directly]

The key things that determine your rent whether its Condo or Apartment, will be the size of the unit, how new it is, where it is located and how popular rentals are in that building. Condos have slightly higher rental values than apartments due to Amenities and facilities provided.

Basement Rentals

If you have just landed as new immigrant, have budget constraints and have no job, its the cheapest option (though in fact, it's not cheap any more $800-$1600 for 1 to 2 bedroom basement) . Check the Average Rental Pricing Page for details. 

[You can contact a Realtor for Basement listings, or you can find it through kijiji as well]


They are houses in a row with shared common walls with other units from both sides. They are further divided in two categories, with maintenance fee or without maintenance fee. But this consideration is only in the case of BUYING a unit, NOT for RENTING, as Owner pays the maintenance fee not the Tenant (same like Condos).

- Almost same rents as of Condos 

Semi-Detached Houses

A semi-detached house, is a single family house built as one of a pair that share one common wall with other.

- Semi-Detached House Rents are slightly little higher then Townhouses

Detached Houses

A detached home is a stand-alone, one-family residence, doesnot share any wall with other unit.

- Detached House Rents are slightly higher than Semi Detached houses

Note: People Renting or Buying a place, never pay commission to the Real Estate Agents, its always the Seller or Owner of the property who pays the commission to the Agent. Its good for people looking for a Rental place or Buying a Property, as Agent services cost them nothing.

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